Studying abroad

Students who are enrolled in one of the Leiden University MSc-programmes are offered the opportunity to spend some time abroad. It is the policy of the University to stimulate this, since it broadens students’ horizon and improves their academic and language skills. Especially, students who are enrolled in a 2-year research master programme are advised to spend some time abroad.

Leiden has many bilateral exchange and cooperation agreements with universities all over the world, including many who belong to the top. First of all, Leiden University participates in the European Union’s Erasmus programme. This programme offers many possibilities to follow courses or to do a research training project at one of the universities in the European Union. Beside this, there are many exchange agreements with universities outside of Europe such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa and Korea. Students can also ask their academic staff members to recommend an international institute.

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Students who want to spend some time abroad have to meet certain conditions your Board of Examiners has to approve of the study program you intend to follow. Furthermore, you must have the right academic qualifications and language skills for the intended programme. You can study abroad one semester or a full academic year. Most students study abroad for one semester (5 months).

Students of the Faculty of Science should always contact Ms. Gloria Schildwacht for information, registration, selection, introduction to host university, safety regulations, scholarships, etc.

Scholarship and fee

There are several scholarships for outgoing students, such as the Erasmus scholarship if you stay in Europe and the Lustra scholarship if you go outside of Europe. Selected students who go abroad to an exchange partner institute don’t have to pay tuition fee to the guest university, because they are already enrolled at Leiden University.

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