Academic development

For all students starting from september 2022 onwards.

All students in both the MSc Chemistry and LST programmes are required to acquire 6 EC in Academic Development courses. The course Academic Writing (2 EC) is obligatory. For the other 4 EC students can choose a course from a preset list, as shown below.

Detailed information about the content of each course can be found in the Prospectus (search by name). The schedule for Academic Writing and Science Methodology can be found at the Schedule section on this website. Schedules for other Academic Development electives can be found in MyTimetable.

Compulsory for all students
Academic Writing (2 EC)

Academic Development electives – minimum 4 EC
IP Law in Science (5 EC)
Leading and Managing People (5 EC)
Oriëntatie op Onderwijs* (4 EC)
Playful and Creative Science (6 EC)
Science and the Public: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives (6 EC)
Science Journalism** (4 EC)
Science Methodology (4 EC)
Sciences and Humanities (4 EC)
Scientific Narration & Visualisation** (3 EC)
Wetenschapsjournalistiek*/** (4 EC)

* Courses are in Dutch
** Courses are part of the specialisation Science Communication and are therefore not eligible for students with this specialisation.

  • Courses that were taken in the BSc programmes cannot be taken again in the MSc programme. Instead, one of the other core courses can be taken.
  • Students are allowed to take more than one Academic Development elective course, as all courses provided by the Science faculty can be taken as general electives courses. See also Electives.