Do you have a complaint, objections, appeal about any aspect of your study programme? See below for the options to file complaints.

Rules and Rulations 8.1 states how to file complaints, objections and appeals.

Do you have a question, suggestion or complaint about the quality control of your programme? Please contact the Board of Examiners via 

Do you have a question or complaint but are unsure how to proceed? Please contact your study advisor, Hilde Zwaan by e-mail ( or set up an appointment.

 Disagreeing with a study-related decision
You can turn to the Examination Appeals Board if you want to dispute a decision concerning: 

  • refusal of admission to a bachelor’s or master’s study programme, tests or exams; 
  • a decision made by examiners or a Board of Examiners (exemptions, assessments, plagiarism or fraud). 

You can dispute a decision by lodging an appeal with the Examination Appeals Board. This must be done within six weeks of the date of issue of the decision in question. 

Lodging an appeal

You should mention at least the following in your appeal: 

  • your name, address and telephone number; 
  • the date on which you are lodging the appeal; 
  • a clear description of the decision against which you are appealing; 
  • your reason(s) for believing the decision is not justified. 

Make sure to sign your letter of appeal and send it, accompanied by a copy of the decision in question, to: 

Leiden University 
Examination Appeals Board 
Postbus 9500 
2300 RA Leiden

Or via email to

You can find more information about these procedures in the Regulations of the Examination Appeals Board.

In our organisational structure you can read about the composition of the Examination Appeals Board, as well as its hearing dates and journals.  

If you are still unsure what to do after reading this information please contact a Student Counsellor