Research thesis and evaluation of the project

All major and minor research projects are concluded with a written thesis describing the research.

Grading of a research project

A research report or thesis contains all the information another researcher would need to continue with the research where the student stopped. Research reports contain at least an introduction, methods section, results, discussion, conclusion and references. The detailed requirements are specific to the type of research and preferences of each research group. Students should always check with their supervisors what they expect.

The first page of the thesis should be a title page that contains at least the following information:

  • title
  • student name
  • student number
  • MSc programme (Chemistry or LST)
  • MSc specialisation (Research, Business, Communication or Education)
  • dates of the project (start and finish)
  • number of EC
  • date of the final version of the report
  • institute and research group name and address
  • supervisor names (main supervisor, external supervisor (if applicable), daily supervisor)

Also make a note on the title page when confidentiality or an embargo is applicable. 

The writing of the thesis is part of the project, and a reasonable amount of time should be allocated within the agreed upon time period to write the report. As a guideline, an amount of time equal to 10% of the EC of the project is allocated for writing the report (e.g. 6 EC, one month, for a 60 EC project). If the student takes more than 50% of the time of the project to complete the report, the maximum grade for the reporting process criterion in the evaluation rubric is a 5.0.

All theses are subjected to originality scans to detect possible issues with incorrect use of existing literature. Plagiarism is a serious offence and will be reported.

The final grade for a research project is decided by the main supervisor. They use the online assessment form on the master’s website to assess the project of the student. Of course, they can ask for input from the daily supervisor and other colleagues.

For external research projects, the internal supervisor sends an invitation to the external supervisor to fill in an evaluation of the student’s work. Combined with their own opinion of the thesis and the thesis talk (major projects only), the internal supervisor decides on a grade for the student.

Evaluation of major and minor research projects are started up by the student by filling in the form and uploading the thesis on Brightspace. 

The file below shows the rubric used for evaluation of the student's research project. Students can also view a dummy version of the evaluation form based on this rubric by clicking on the link 'view research project evaluation criteria' on the right hand side of this webpage (only visible when logged in).