Programme opportunities

Each student builds their own master’s programme Chemistry or LST. Students who want to go beyond the basics of the programme and for instance study abroad or add extracurricular activities to their time at the LIC have ample opportunity to do so. This page lists some of the options available for students.

Studying abroad

Students who are enrolled in one of the Leiden University MSc programmes are offered the opportunity to spend some time abroad. The university actively stimulates students to do so as it broadens their horizon and improves their academic and language skills. 

Research schools in chemistry

Our research groups actively participate in several national research schools. These schools are consortia that stimulate collaboration between research groups of the different participating Dutch universities. The research schools also offer advanced training for MSc students, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Students in the LIC master’s programmes can use some of the courses as electives or for extracurricular development of their skills and knowledge. Currently, the research schools the LIC participates in are mainly appropriate for students in the MSc Chemistry.

Study associations

Two study associations are active within the master's programmes of the LIC: LIFE for LST and CDL for Chemistry. Students in the master's programmes are encouraged to become a member and participate in their educational and social activities.

When you are a member of either study association, you can become a member of the other study association for free.

Double specialisation

Excellent students can attempt to graduate with a double specialisation consisting of one full specialisation and the specialisation-specific component of another specialisation.

Honours Academy

Students looking for more of a challenge in their master's programme can apply for extracurricular courses at the Honours Academy. They organise the Leiden Leadership Programme, the International Leiden Leadership Programme and the Master Honours Classes.

When to contact the Board of Examiners

The programme offers students a lot of freedom, but some choices require prior permission from the Board of Examiners.