Thesis Talks

All major research training projects are concluded with a Thesis Talk. This presentation constitutes a training in presenting original research work to a group of non-experts. All students are required to attend at least 10 Thesis Talks from their fellow students during their master’s programme.

The Thesis Talk consists of a 20-minute presentation of the research work performed during the major research project. Afterwards, the student should answer questions from the audience in a 5-minute discussion. The intended audience comprises the fellow master students, so the presenter should take care to adjust the level of the presentation to the audience. The Thesis Talk should not be the same as an internal presentation for the research group.

The aim of the thesis talk
  • The presenting student learns how to disseminate their research results to a broader audience.
  • Attending students obtain an overview of current research done by our master's students in LST and Chemistry.
  • Attendance of an independent jury at the Thesis Talks allows the Board of Examiners to monitor the equivalence and uniformity of the grading of research projects in different groups in the institute.
Procedure for planning a Thesis Talk

The general procedure for the Thesis Talk is as follows. 

  1. personal information: student number, specialisation (Chem or LST)
  2. title of the report
  3. number of EC of the project
  4. pdf of the final, approved report
  5. name of the supervisor (member of staff, no PhD student! Usually the mentor.)
  6. name of the second evaluator (also a member of LIC staff, or the supervisor if the internship was performed outside of the LIC)
  7. a proposal for the date of the presentation (the mentor and second evaluator should be available)
  • This date should be at least two weeks in the future. For Thesis Talks and colloquia, Wednesdays and Thursdays after 15:30 are reserved in the schedule. Check the calendar for available slots and potentially conflicting events. Students can also check availability or reserve a date before their thesis is final by sending an email to
  • A location and jury will be organised. The Thesis Talk is announced on this website and a confirmation is sent to the student and mentor. 
  • The mentor should make sure the research project evaluation is filled in before the presentation using the online grading system. 
  • After the presentation, the mentor and second evaluator discuss the proposed grade with the jury and decide on a final grade. The jury uses the oral presentation rubric to help determine a grade and give feedback on the presentation performance. All four sign the evaluation form, which the mentor should hand in at the Science Student Administration. 
Practical points
  • The student is responsible for the compatibility of the used presentation equipment.
  • For embargoed research, the mentor must request an exemption for a public presentation of the Thesis Talk addressed to the educational director of the programme.
  • All students are required to attend at least 10 Thesis Talks during their master's. The attendance list can be downloaded here and should be signed by a staff member at each attended Thesis Talk.