Choose your student representative for the Master Educational Committee LST

The current master students active in the master LST Leiden programme can cast their vote for a student representative. There are four candidates and three positions available, so you can choose up to 3 candidates. 

You can cast your vote after logging in on the homepage of this website. The poll closes on the 26th of October.

Voorlichtingsbijeenkomsten Master lerarenopleiding, de Educatieve minor en module, en het zij-instroomtraject

Op 11 en 26 oktober 2016  zijn er voorlichtingsbijeenkomsten voor de verschillende trajecten voor de start op 30 januari 2017. De voorlichtingsbijeenkomsten richten zich op educatieve minor en module, de masteropleiding (excl. het WTP want dat start alleen in augustus) en het zij-instroomtraject.

Reedijk Symposium 2016: Guest lecturers: Prof. Martina Havenith & Prof. Sijbren Otto

On Friday the 28th of October the seventh annual Reedijk Symposium will be held. During this day lectures will be given by several of our colleagues and two external guest speakers: "Solvation Science - THz spectroscopy provides new answers to an old topic" by Prof. dr. Martina Havenith (Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum), and "Can we make life in the lab?" by Prof. dr. Sijbren Otto (RUG).

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