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Best student prizes 2019-20 awarded

At the online LIC New-Year's event on January 6 2021, programme director Lies Bouwman annouced the winners of the Best Student prizes of the cohort 2019-20! Every year, the education team gives out awards to students who showed excellent performance in their first year of the MSc programmes Chemistry and LST. The winners this year were Thijmen Mostert, Femke van der Heijden, Laurens ter Haar and Roy Steneker. Congratulations!

Leiden students win grand prize at iGEM international biology competition

The Leiden iGEM team has won the grand prize at the iGEM international biology competition. The students won a further five prizes, including those for best diagnostics tracks and best inclusion. ‘We still can’t believe it. It feels almost surreal,’ team member Amber Schonk said yesterday to University weekly Mare.

Face masks mandatory in University buildings

As of 15 October, it is compulsory for everyone in our buildings to wear a face mask. The basic rule is as follows: if you are standing or walking, you must wear a face mask, if you are sitting down, you may remove it. You are responsible for bringing your own face mask and must wear it when you enter, leave, and move around our buildings, for example when you are fetching a cup of coffee or going to the toilet. An exception to the face mask requirement is made for the (bio)chemical research laboratories and the (bio)chemical practical rooms within our Faculty. Here, the Faculty advises not to wear face masks.