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We moved

The education team has moved! Hilde and Margot are situated in BM2.20, in the newest part of the Gorlaeus Building. 
In March you can reach us through the Huygens and LMUY buildings. In April, the front entrance opens. The bike parking will finish some time this summer, therefore please park your bike on the opposite side of the road to the Gorlaeus lecture hall building.

Potluck dinner 7 February

On Wednesday the 7th of February, the MaCo will organize a potluck dinner. During this dinner, we want your help: bring your favourite dish and share it with your fellow students! And if you are studying abroad or have origins in another country, we would love to taste a dish from that kitchen too!

LST student Darcy Reynolds nominated for the Leiden Science Young Talent Award 2023

Nerve pain is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy. It is therefore one of the biggest reasons for cancer patients to stop treatment early. Darcy Reynolds worked on new drug candidates against this pain during her bachelor's thesis. She developed a new series of molecules that increase the success rate of the drug in clinical trials. With that research, she was nominated for the Leiden Science Young Talent Award 2023.