Literature essay and colloquium

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Literature essay and colloquium

The intended goal is to acquire knowledge and insight into a topic chosen within the research area of Chemistry or the Life Sciences. The student needs to study (recent) literature and present the results of this study in a systematic way both in writing and in the form of a colloquium. New directions of research are to be discussed and the student needs to participate actively in scientific discussions, both at his/her own colloquium as well as audience member of other student colloquia.


The subject of the literature essay and colloquium is chosen within the field of Chemistry or Life Sciences. It is not allowed to choose a topic directly related to the research project but may be chosen in the field of the research project.

The topic and the boundaries of the literature study is determined in consultation with the colloquium supervisor, who is not allowed to be the student's own mentor. The length of the written essay is in the order of 10-15 pages and is subsequently presented in a colloquium of about 30 minutes, including 5 minutes of discussion.

The essay/colloquium should contain the following basic elements:
1. Introduction and scope
2. Review of the topic
3. Conclusion and outlook


The colloquium and essay is to be graded by an independent committee of at least two staff members, of which the mentor and the colloquium supervisor is not a member. The grade must be done using the grading form which should be handed in at  "Educatief Centrum / Graduate School Office (B114)", Monday-Thursday 10:00-16:00 by a LIC staff member.


The student is required to submit their final essay (approved by the supervisor), the names of the two jury members and a proposed date and time to the study coordinator at least two weeks before the desired colloquium date. The study coordinator organises the location and an annoucement on this website. The speaker is responsible for the compatibility of the used presentation equipment.

Attendance other student colloquia

Every student has to attend at least 10 student colloquia of the various specialisations during the MSc period. Students in other programmes may present interesting topics and those colloquia are recommended to attend. The chairman of the colloquium will sign an attendance list (this also applies to colloquia held in other programmes). Colloquia are preferably held on Wednesdays or Thursdays at 15.30 in the Gorlaeus Building.

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