Literature essay and colloquium

All students in the research specialisation of the MSc programmes Chemistry and Life Science and Technology are required to complete a colloquium. The colloquium consists of a literature review of a relevant topic, a presentation on this topic and active participation in scientific discussions at other colloquia.
All rules and guidelines for the colloquium are explained on this webpage. In addition, practical tips and advice are given with links to relevant resources.

Forms for colloquia and thesis talks

Here, students can find the colloquium grading form, oral presentation rubric and attendance list for colloquia and Thesis Talks.

Colloquium/TT attendance list
Oral presentation rubric MSc Chemistry and LST 2018-19
Colloquium grading form (20 March 2020)

Step-by-step instructions for writing a colloquium essay

The following list explains all the steps you should take in writing your colloquium essay.

Grading, rules and guidelines

The final grade for your colloquium is determined by your colloquium jury. All the author guidelines and rules are explained here.

Colloquium presentation procedure

A colloquium presentation can be scheduled by following this procedure.

Example time schedule for doing the colloquium

The study load for the colloquium is 6 EC (168 hours) which equates to 21 days. If you work on your colloquium full-time, you should be able to finish in about one month.

Plagiarism in the colloquium

All students are held to the standards of academic honesty and integrity of the university. Plagiarism is a serious offense. 

Tips for a successful colloquium

Find more links to online resources and tips for a successful colloquium here.