Mentors & lecturers contact details

Contact details for all LIC staff can be found on the university website overview of staff mentors & lecturers.

Study adviser MSc Chemistry and MSc Life Science & Technology

Students can contact study adviser Hilde Zwaan with questions about their programme, studying in Leiden, help with personal issues and graduating. For short and simple questions or problems, please contact Hilde Zwaan by email at

Programme committee

The programme committee represents the opinion of all students and staff on the educational programmes offered. The committee is a joint committee as the closely related programmes MSc Chemistry and MSc Life Science and Technology share many educational aspects. The programme committee can be reached via email:

Boards of Examiners

The Board of Examiners is responsible for maintaining the quality of the educational programme and is an independent body that reports to the faculty board. The boards of examiners of the MSc Chemistry and MSc Life Science and Technology have joint meetings. The primary contact for all matters concerning the board of examiners is Margot Tjalma at

Confidential counsellors

If you have been subjected to unacceptable behaviour, you suspect an infringement of academic integrity, or you wish to report malpractice, you can turn to one of the confidential counsellors.


Do you have a complaint, objections, appeal about any aspect of your study programme? See below for the options to file complaints.

Rules and Rulations 8.1 states how to file complaints, objections and appeals.

Do you have a question, suggestion or complaint about the quality control of your programme? Please contact the Board of Examiners via