Graduation ceremony

MSc programme degrees are handed out at the graduation ceremony. Graduation ceremonies are scheduled on the first Tuesday of almost every month. The ceremony lasts about 30 minutes per student and is held in the Faculty room at the Academiegebouw. The student can invite their family and friends. The ceremony comprises a 5-10 minute presentation by the student about (one of their) their research project(s) and a short questioning by the graduation committee, after which the student will receive the official documents and signs the graduation book of the faculty. You can choose which project to present (major, minor, business, communication, education etc.) After the ceremony, the student can sign their name in the 'zweetkamertje', as is the tradition for students finishing their studies at Leiden University. 

The student is responsible for the compatibility of the equipment for their presentation. In the faculty room, a large screen with HDMI input is available. Alternatively, a presentation can be played from a USB stick directly plugged into the screen.

During the corona restrictions, all people present at the Academiegebouw will be held to the applicable measures. 

Attending a graduation ceremony is optional. If a student does not want to receive their diploma at a ceremony, they should indicate so on their graduation request form. They will be informed when they can pick up their diploma in person from the Science Student Administration. Diplomas are not sent by mail.