Research training projects

Research training

An important part of the student’s master’s programme Chemistry or LST is the component of research training. For the research specialisations, at least 60 EC is required. For the other specialisations (BS, SCS and EDU), at least 30 EC is required. Students can choose to extend the research training component with an additional 1 - 20 EC. In this case a part of the electives is used to extend the research project.

Research thesis

All major and minor research projects are concluded with a written thesis describing the research.

Thesis Talks

All major research training projects are concluded with a Thesis Talk. This presentation constitutes a training in presenting original research work to a group of non-experts. All students are required to attend at least 10 Thesis Talks from their fellow students during their master’s programme.

Approval for an external research project

Some external research projects require prior approval from the Board of Examiners. A decision can take up to a month to obtain, so students are encouraged to apply on time.