Defining a masterplan for graduation

You can update and adjust your masterplan as often as you like during your studies. Before graduation, you have to hand in your final, definitive masterplan with all the components you followed. The Board of Examiners will check your masterplan against the rules in the OER appendix. This page details how to prepare your masterplan for graduation.

1. Check your specialisation and start date
  • The top of your masterplan lists your specialisation and start date of your master's. Check that both are correct. If not, click 'edit programme info' and adjust.
2. Compare your masterplan to uSis
  • Check that all components you completed in uSis are on your masterplan, and conversely that all components on your masterplan are registered in uSis (except for your last components for which you do not have a result yet). If it is not on your masterplan, it will not be on your diploma! Pay extra attention to the number of EC of your research projects.
3. Define academic development and core courses
  • You may have multiple options to fill the academic development and core courses sections. It is recommended to choose the courses with your highest grades.
4. Define your electives
  • Depending on your specialisation, you have 0 to 24 EC elective space. There are many options for filling this elective space. You should decide which components you want to list as electives on your diploma supplement.
  • An extension of the research project or the academic development component above the minimum requirement counts towards your elective space.
  • The final masterplan should be as close as possible above 120 EC. If you can remove a component from your electives by placing it extracurricularly and still end up at or above 120 EC, you have too many electives. For example, you can fill 10 EC elective space with 6+6 or 6+5 but not with 6+4+2.
5. Define your extracurricular components
  • Any excess elective components can be listed on your diploma supplement as extracurricular components. Extracurricular components are at least any components not approved as electives by the Board of Examiners in the OER or by individual decision, e.g. courses of level 300, courses outside of the field of science or research project ECs above the maximum allowed. Extracurricular components do not count for your GPA, so it is recommended to place the components with the lowest grades in your extracurricular space.
  • If you did more than the maximum in EC in research projects for your specialisation (80 EC for research, 50 EC for BS/SCS/EDU), the excess is extracurricular. To split a minor research project into curricular and extracurricular, reduce the number of EC of the project to the curricular amount and add a component to the extracurricular space called ‘extension minor research project’ with the appropriate amount of EC. Do not split a minor research project if you do not surpass the maximum number of research project EC for your specialisation. 
6. Make a PDF of your masterplan
  • Use the ‘print-friendly view’ button at the top of your masterplan to create the layout and then save as a PDF document. You will need to submit this version when you hand in your graduation request form.
Special cases

Double specialisation: If you enter both specialisations at the programme info at the top of your masterplan, the specialisation-specific components of both specialisations are automatically added to your masterplan. The total number of EC required depends on the combination of specialisations.

Core courses: You are allowed to fill your core courses based on the current OER or the OER at the time you started your studies, provided you did not interrupt your registration. The masterplanner assumes students to use the set of courses based on the OER at their starting time. To input an alternative set of core courses, you may need to use the 'custom course' option within the core courses component. 

Technical assistance

Components cannot be dragged between the different sections; first remove it from the plan and then drag it from the catalogue into the correct section.

Anything missing from the sections with compulsory components? Click ‘refresh masterplan components’. Doing so keeps your core, elective and extracurricular components but resets the other sections. 

For other technical questions, email with your student number, a screenshot and an explanation of the issue.