Core courses within the MSc Life Science and Technology programme

> 2018-19 and earlier MSc Life Science and Technology core courses

As from the 2019-20 course year students in the LST programme have to choose four core courses from the three course series shown below: Biomedical, Molecular and Biophysical Sciences. At least one course from each series needs to be chosen. The choices can be limited by their prior education and should be made in consultation with their mentor, to ensure appropriate courses are taken to prepare for their major research project.

Detailed information about the content of each course can be found in the Prospectus (search by name). The schedule for each course can be found at the Schedule section on this website.

Biomedical Sciences

Biological and Biomedical Informatics
Chemical Immunology
In-vivo Biom. Interactions Underlying Diseases

Biophysical Sciences

Enzyme dynamics: NMR spectroscopy and kinetics

Molecular Sciences

Chemical Biology
Metals and Life
Biosynthetic & Pharm. Chemistry


  • Courses that were taken in the BSc programmes cannot be taken again in the MSc programme. Instead, one of the other core courses can be taken.
  • Biosynthetic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (BPC) replaces Molecular Chemistry as core course from the 2023-24 programme onward. BPC is not suitable for students with a strong background in organic chemistry. It cannot be combined with Synthetic Organic Chemistry (SOC) as an elective, and students who followed SOC in their BSc programme are not allowed to choose Molecular Chemistry.
  • Students are allowed to take more than four courses or courses from the other research area as electives.