Graduation guidelines

After completion of the MSc programme the student will receive their diploma. However, graduation requires some planning, starting at least two months before the desired graduation date! It is the student's own responsibility to keep track of all their grades (courses and research projects) and make sure everything is registered correctly in uSis. 

Graduation dates

26NovGraduation ceremonyGraduations November 2018 iCertification date:
28 September 2018
26NovGraduation ceremonyGraduations November 2018 iiCertification date:
31 October 2018
10DecGraduation ceremonyGraduations December 2018Certification date:
30 November 2018
22JanGraduation ceremonyGraduations January 2019Certification date:
24 December 2018
19FebGraduation ceremonyGraduations February 2019Certification date:
31 January 2019
19MarGraduation ceremonyGraduations March 2019Certification date:
28 February 2019
16AprGraduation ceremonyGraduations April 2019Certification date:
29 March 2019
21MayGraduation ceremonyGraduations May 2019Certification date:
30 April 2019
18JunGraduation ceremonyGraduations June 2019Certification date:
31 May 2019