Colloquium presentation procedure

A colloquium presentation can be scheduled by following this procedure.

  • Find a suitable date with your supervisor. Wednesday and Thursday afternoons (after 15:30) are generally kept free for colloquia and Thesis Talks. Check the schedule on the MSc website for events and other presentations already scheduled. You can email to check if your preferred slot is available and reserve it.
  • Find two jury members. Discuss with your colloquium supervisor who of our LIC teachers may act as jury members and send them an e-mail with the invitation to become a member of your jury. Remember to send confirmed jury members your colloquium essay.
  • After your colloquium supervisor approves your essay, you can send an e‑mail to msc‑ with:
    1. your name, student number and study programme (Chem or LST)
    2. the title of your essay
    3. a pdf of your essay
    4. the names of your mentor, the colloquium supervisor and the jury members
    5. the preferred date and time of your colloquium

    At the time of this email, the date of the colloquium should be at least 10 days away. If you did not reserve a time slot and your preferred time slot is not available, you will receive a proposal for an alternative date.

  • A lecture room will be booked for you and the colloquium will be announced on the MSc website. You are strongly encouraged to invite fellow students and group members from your supervisor’s research group yourself.
  • Download the colloquium evaluation form, complete it as far as possible and take it with you to the presentation for the jury. Also print the oral presentation rubric for the jury. 


It is not obligatory for your mentor to be present at the colloquium, but it is recommended and appreciated.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! For many students, the colloquium is the last part of their MSc studies. Please note that the graduation procedure requires considerable effort from the staff at the Graduate School Office and needs to be started at least six weeks before your examination date. Start the graduation procedure on time! Read more about the graduation procedure.