Double specialisation

Excellent students can attempt to graduate with a double specialisation consisting of one full specialisation and the specialisation-specific component of another specialisation.

Rules for a double specialisation

A double specialisation comprises a full programme of one specialisation (i.e. the main specialisation) plus the specialisation-specific components of a second specialisation. The main specialisation should be chosen in the following order: Research above Education above Business/Communication. The number of credits for double specialisations thus must be at least 150 EC (Research + EDU-30), 160 EC (Research + BS; Research + SCS; EDU + BS, EDU + SCS, BS + SCS) or 180 EC (Research + EDU-60).

Students interested in completing a double specialisation should contact the study adviser to discuss the options. Some forms of double specialisation require the student to request delayed certification after completion of the first specialisation. Ask the study adviser about the details.