Graduation guidelines

After completion of the MSc programme students will receive their diploma. However, graduation requires some planning, starting at least two months before the desired graduation date! It is the student's own responsibility to keep track of all their grades (courses and research projects) and make sure everything is registered correctly in uSis. 

The formal certification date, the date printed on the diploma, is the last working day of the month in which a student completes the last study component of the MSc programme (usually colloquium or Thesis Talk). After certification, the formal graduation ceremony can be scheduled on the next available graduation date (usually every 3rd Tuesday of the month, with the exception of July and October). The graduation dates are listed in the graduation calendar.

Important notice for graduations in the summer: In the summer, fewer colloquia and Thesis Talks are held. Make sure you complete the attendance requirement in time! Also realise that many staff members go on holiday and to conferences in the summer. Start planning your own colloquium or Thesis Talk well in advance!

Graduation Procedure

Any student who is planning on wrapping up their master’s this summer is requested to start the procedure as soon as possible: it will enable the SSA/the administration to spread their huge workload during summer months.

Please note:

  • If you need to attend some more colloquia and/or thesis talks: you can send the completed lists later (please no later than two weeks before your certification date) to;
  • If the members of your graduation committee have not yet confirmed if they can be there for the ceremony: just leave that part of the graduation request form blank for now and let the SSA know the names for your committee no later than one month before the requested ceremony date (e.g. if you want your ceremony on September 17th, you need to send an email to abovementioned email address no later than August 17th, so they can start scheduling the graduation ceremonies in time).
  • If you have obtained a decision of the Board of Examiners for an exemption regarding your master's programme: Please attach the email regarding the Board’s decision to your graduation request. This can save us a lot of time.

If you have any questions regarding the guidelines on this page, just send an email to Note that the graduation procedure's deadlines are very strict! So please don’t wait until all your grades are known to inform us about your wish to graduate –many people are involved in this process.

As you can see in the graduation schedule:

  • For certification in July, your request for graduation needs to be sent to the Science Student Administration (SSA) no later than 15 June, 2019.
  • For certification in August, your request for graduation needs to be sent to the Science Student Administration (SSA) no later than 30 June, 2019.

If you miss the deadline of June 30 for certification in August, you will miss out on a chance to have a graduation ceremony in the Academy Building and you can only obtain your diploma by picking it up (no earlier than 3 weeks after certification) at the Science Student Administration office (Gorlaeus Lecture Hall, room B1.17).

Your request for graduation should include the following documents:

  • the graduation request form & exit survey (download below -note: first download the form before editing & saving; Chrome DOES NOT save your data);
  • curriculum of the MSc programme (masterplan). The masterplan will be checked and signed for approval by the secretary of the Board of Examiners;
  • copy of the front page of the final written report of each research training project, including BS or SCS reports;
  • copy of the front page of the colloquium (research specialisation only);
  • Thesis Talk & colloquium attendance lists (colloquium attendance list for research specialisation only);

Inform the Science Student Administration of the status of any grades that are not yet in at the time of your graduation request. All grades have to be handed in no later than the last working day of the month (the requested certification date!). E.g. for graduation in November all results must be registered before or on the last working day of October. In that case, students can also end their registration at the University. For further details contact the Science Student Administration (, Gorlaeus Lecture Hall, B117).

The Science Student Administration will perform a final check on the registration of all exam results. The student will be informed about the exact time and place of the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony comprises a short public presentation by the student and questioning by the graduation committee, after which the student will receive the official documents.

Graduation request form and Exit survey MSc Chemistry & LST
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