Graduation guidelines

After completion of the MSc programme you will receive your diploma. However, graduation requires some planning, starting at least two months before the desired graduation date! First of all, it is your own responsibility to check that all grades (of courses, internships) are registered in uSis, and to undertake action if a grade seems to be missing. Send an e-mail to the study coordinator, stating that your masterplan is final and that you are ready to graduate.

The formal certification date, the date printed on the diploma, is the last working day of the month in which a student completes the last study component of the MSc programme (usually colloquium or Thesis Talk). After the certification of the diploma the formal graduation ceremony can be scheduled on the next available graduation date (usually every 3rd Tuesday of the month, with the exception of July and October). In the graduation calendar the potential graduation dates are listed.

Important notices for graduations in the summer of 2018: 

  • Students should contact the Graduate School Office BEFORE July 1st if they expect to finalise their last study component in July or August and wish to have their graduation ceremony in August or September. If you fail to do so, the graduation ceremony can only take place in November.
  • For administrative reasons, the last day to process grades in August is Thursday 30 August (NOT Friday 31 August). As a consequence, the date of your last study activity (colloquium, Thesis Talk, exam) cannot be 31 August if you want to graduate in August.
  • In the summer, fewer colloquia and Thesis Talks are held. Make sure you complete the attendance requirement in time! 
Graduation Procedure

At least six weeks before the certification date (i.e. at least 8 weeks before the desired graduation date) the student should hand in the following documents at the Graduate School Office (B114, Chantal van den Berge):

  • the graduation request form & exit survey (download below -note: first download the form before editing & saving; Chrome DOES NOT save your data);
  • curriculum of the MSc programme (masterplan). The masterplan will be checked and signed for approval at the Graduate School Office by the secretary of the Board of Examiners.
  • copy of the front page of the final written report of each research training project, as well as SBB or SCS report(s);
  • copy of the front page of the colloquium (research specialisation only);
  • Thesis Talk & colloquium attendance list (colloquium attendance list for research specialisation only);
  • students having a BSc LST also have to hand in the diploma supplement ("cijferlijst") of their BSc diploma.

A single missing grade should be handed in at least before the end of the month preceding the graduation ceremony. E.g. for graduation in November all results must be registered before the last working day of October. In that case students can also end their registration at the University. For further details contact the Graduate School Office (Gorlaeus Laboratories, B114).

The Graduate School Office will perform a final check on the registration of all exam results. The student will be informed about the exact time and place of the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony comprises a short public presentation of the student and questioning of the graduation committee, after which the student will receive the official documents.

Graduation request form & Exit survey MSc Chemistry - LST (apr18)248.15 KB

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