MSc Chemistry programme

Chemistry is the central science enabling a healthy future in a sustainable society. Chemistry researchers in Leiden take a fundamental approach in finding tailored solutions for complex societal problems in human health and environmental issues. The Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC) is the basis for research and collaborations of the Leiden chemistry groups.

The MSc programme in Chemistry offers four different specialisations, each with a choice from two research areas: ‘Chemical Biology’ and ‘Energy & Sustainability’. These areas correspond to the new major research areas in the LIC.

Research training project

The research specialisation comprises research training projects to a total of at least 60 EC, including a presentation for the group and a written report (the master thesis); for the other specialisations the Chemistry programme comprises a research project of at least 30 EC. The 60 EC for projects in the research specialisation may be split over two research projects: the major and minor research project, with the limitation that the major project comprises at least 40 EC.
The major research project is carried out in the LIC under the supervision of the mentor, and for students in all specialisations will be concluded with a Thesis Talk. The mentor guides the student with their research project(s) and will advise which courses best fit in with the research topic and study planning.

Research thesis

All major and minor research projects are concluded with a written thesis describing the research.

Thesis Talks

All major research training projects are concluded with a Thesis Talk. This presentation constitutes a training in presenting original research work to a group of non-experts. All students are required to attend at least 10 Thesis Talks from their fellow students during their master’s programme.

Programme of the specialisations EDU, BS, and SCS

Students that choose the EDU, SCS or BS-specialisation need to follow specific modules (30-60 EC) and therefore have a reduced research programme which consists of compulsory chemistry components (60 EC) and electives (0-30 EC). The compulsory chemistry components in these specialisations comprise a research training project (30 EC), an "academic skills" component (6 EC) and four core courses to be selected from the core chemistry MSc courses (24 EC).