Educational Committee

The educational committee represents the opinion of all students and staff on the educational programs offered. The committee is a joint committee as the closely related programs MSc Chemistry and MSc Life Science and Technology both organised by the Leiden Institute of Chemistry share many educational aspects. As much entrepeneurial activities are life sciences related the educational aspects of the specialisation Science Based Business are also discussed in this educational committee.

In the committee many aspects of the programs are discussed and surveys of individual courses are reviewed. Changes in the program and procedures and new initiatives are often initiated by discussions in the educational committee. Every year the student representation is renewed, the assessors of the study associations CDL and SV Life attend the meetings. The educational committee is an important feedback for the program directors who regularly attend the meetings.

Composition of the educational committee (staff)

Staff members on the committee

Dr. Sylvestre Bonnet (chair)
Dr. Dennis Hetterscheid
Dr. Jörg Meyer

Life Science and Technology:
Dr. Rolf Boot (chair)
Dr. Anjali Pandit
Dr. Roxanne Kieltyka

Xishu Li, MSc (SBB specialisation)

Composition of the educational committee (student representation)

MSc Chemistry
Dana Rademaker
Dajo Boden
Jaco Lugthart

MSc Life Science and Technology
Wahwah Zu
Noud Klaassen
Daan Overwijn

Representative for the SBB students
Myrthe Crombaghs

Assessor Life: Hessel van der Eijk
Assessor CDL: Marten Raaphorst

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