Research training project Life Science and Technology

The research projects are carried out under the supervision of the mentor. The mentor guides the student with their project(s) and will advise on how courses are best fit in their study planning. The major research project can be carried out in the LIC home institute, our affiliated institutes IBL, LACDR, LUMC, NKI, ErasmusMC or abroad.
Before the start of any research project the mentor has to initiate an on-line project agreement that is completed by the student. The student and mentor must complete and agree on this agreement before the start of the research project. The student can carry out a single project or carry out a major and a minor research project.

The research project includes a presentation a written report and a thesis talk (for major master thesis only).
The optional ‘minor’ project is a research project covering another topic, which can be related to the major research project. As an example the student may develop an expression system in one research group and investigate its properties in another research group. Or the student may investigate a process in one research group and calculate theoretical predictions in another research group. Students are encouraged to carry out a ‘minor’ research project abroad. The duration of the project is preferably three to four months based on full-time attendance. All external research projects (= outside the LIC or affiliated institutes) must be discussed in advance with the study coordinator. Before the start the Board of Examiners must approve the external research project. The mentor creates a digital research evaluation form at the end of any research project, initiating the grading of the project(s). The reviewers and the student approve this form. In special cases, for instance if the report is delayed, the project may be provisionally awarded with 80% of the assigned credits, provided that the practical work is finished.

The total duration of the research project(s) is based on full-time attendance. This means that courses attended during this period will lead to an extension of the duration of the iproject. Also, insufficient attendance or lack of motivation can lead to an extension of the duration of the project.
Before a final grade can be given the student should submit the final Master thesis to the study coordinator for the jury of the Thesis Talk.

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