Research training project

The research specialisation comprises research training projects to a total of at least 60 EC, including a presentation for the group and a written report (the master thesis); for the other specialisations the Chemistry programme comprises a research project of at least 30 EC. The 60 EC for projects in the research specialisation may be split over two research projects: the major and minor research project, with the limitation that the major project comprises at least 40 EC.
The major research project is carried out in the LIC under the supervision of the mentor, and for students in all specialisations will be concluded with a Thesis Talk. The mentor guides the student with their research project(s) and will advise which courses best fit in with the research topic and study planning.

The optional ‘minor’ research project comprises at least 20 EC, including a presentation for the group and a written report, and can be carried out in another research group of the LIC, another institute (within the Netherlands or abroad), or in a company. Students of the research specialisation are encouraged to carry out a ‘minor’ project abroad. The duration of an external project is preferably three to four months based on full- time attendance. All external research projects must be discussed in advance with the mentor and study coordinator, are carried out under the responsibility of a member of the LIC permanent staff (not necessarily the mentor), and need prior permission from the Board of Examiners.

The total duration of the research project(s) is based on full-time attendance. Generally a month of full-time work (40 h per week) equals 6 EC. This means that courses attended during the research period will lead to an extension of the duration of the project. Also, insufficient attendance or lack of diligence can lead to an extension of the duration of the research project. In special cases the project may be provisionally awarded with part of the assigned credits (without a grade), notably for foreign students who need to provide proof of their study progress to the IND.