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MaCo activities in June

Join the MaCo for some fun activities in June! On Friday 4 June, play soccer and frisbee at the USC (sign up via this link). On Wednesday 9 June, the MaCo takes over the Discord for online drinks and games (sign up via this link). Finally, the MaCo hopes to host a barbecue on Wednesday 16 June. Save the dates!

Virology seminar series

For students with an interest in virology, consider attending the seminar series organised by the KNVM. The first Dutch Young Virologists Seminar will be held on May 19th and continues monthly afterwards. Registration and more information on their website.

Life Skills - Inspiration Workshop (two on-campus meetings; WORK event)

Motivation and Learning by Chemistry alumnus and university skills lecturer Rob van Waarde.
How do you maintain your motivation and deal with problems in Covid-times? This interactive on campus workshop enables you to learn from the circumstances and develop personal leadership.