Core courses within the MSc Chemistry programme

  • * Courses that were taken in the BSc programs cannot be taken again in the MSc program. Instead one of the other core courses can be taken.
  • Students in the programmes Chemical Biology and Energy & Sustainability choose 4 courses out of the courses listed, depending on their prior education and in consult with their mentor.

MSc Chemistry
Chemical Biology

Advanced Medicinal Chemistry
Enzyme dynamics: NMR spectroscopy and kinetics
Cell Biology
Chemical Biology
Modern Organic Chemistry
Molecular Biology
Reactivity in Organic Chemistry
Supramolecular Chemistry

MSc Chemistry
Energy & Sustainability

Modern Quantum Chemistry
Dynamics of Molecule-Surface Reactions
Electrochemistry and Bioelectrochemistry
Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis
Quantum dynamics of Chemical Reactions
Photosynthesis & Bioenergy
Heterogeneous Catalysis

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