Research specialisation

The research specialisation in Chemistry or Life Science and Technology offers the student the opportunity to spend two full years on training and specialisation not only to become an independent and creative researcher, but also someone who can use their analytical skills to resolve challenges in their career in science or in society. The majority of the students from the research specialisation will continue their career in a PhD position.

The programme consists of 60 EC research training project, 6 EC academic skills, 24 EC core courses, 6 EC specialisation-specific components and 24 EC free electives.

The research training component is at the core of the research specialisation and comprises at least 60 EC (one whole academic year). More information about the reseach projects can be found here

Specialisation-specific components

The specialisation-specific component for the research specialisation consists of the essay and colloquium (6 EC). More information can be found here.