Communication specialisation

The MSc specialisation in Communication (SCS) offers students the opportunity to combine chemistry of life science research training with programmes in different aspects of science communication, such as journalism, new media, museology and information visualisation. The programme prepares students for a career in popularisation of science, for example, as a science communicator, a science policymaker or a public relations or health communication officer, or for a career as a scientist with a communicating mind-set.

The programme consists of 30 EC research training project, 6 EC academic skills, 24 EC core courses, 20 EC electives and 40 EC specialisation-specific componentsThe specialisation is offered by lecturers in Science Communication & Society (SCS) and is open to students from master's programmes from the Faculty of Science and the master's programme in Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine (LUMC). Preferably, the BSc programme has included some coursework in communication. The primary focus in this specialisation is on science communication in the Netherlands, and students explore various aspects of professional science communication.

Students are advised to use the first year of their master's for the core courses, electives and research training project and start the communication component only after these are complete. The communication programme starts in September.

The specialisation-specific components consist of Science Communication and Society Fundamentals (19 EC), Scientific Narration and Visualization (4 EC) and one or more SCS internships with corresponding project proposals (14-34 EC). SCS electives are limited to 10 EC. 

The internship will be in the field of science communication (e.g. science journalism, museology, new media, health communication). The total internship period may consist of one internship, or can be divided into 2 smaller internships. Each internship includes a written report and an oral presentation. The total internship period includes a minimum of 10 EC of research in science communication.The choice of internships should be approved beforehand by the coordinator of the specialisation. A plan for the optional SCS Elective (e.g. book exam, product development) should be approved beforehand by the SCS coordinator. 

More information can be found on the SCS website.