QBio Symposium Utrecht

From/To date: 
25 October, 2018 - 09:30

On the 25th of October Utrecht University will host a symposium on the topic of quantitative and computational biology, highlighting examples of interdisciplinary research between Life Sciences and Natural Sciences. The goal of the day is to showcase the added value when the strengths of both disciplines are combined. There will be talks about mathematical modeling in biology, bioinformatics, and synthetic cells. So if you are a student interested in expanding your knowledge beyond the scope of your own research field, then this is the symposium for you!

The symposium is free of charge. Check out the programme and register on: https://qbio-symposium.sites.uu.nl/.

LIC MSc students can receive one colloquium attendance point for attending this symposium. Bring proof of attendance to the master coordinator to sign your colloquium attendance sheet. Please note that this symposium overlaps with several lectures. Attendance at this symposium may not be a sufficient reason to miss a mandatory lecture. Consult with the lecturer in advance.