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Chemical Biology core courses

  • EDNMREnzyme dynamics: NMR spectroscopy and kinetics
  • AMCAdvanced Medicinal Chemistry
  • CBChemical Biology
  • CEBCell Biology
  • MB2Molecular Biology
  • MOCModern Organic Chemistry
  • ROCReactivity in Organic Chemistry
  • SUPSupramolecular Chemistry

Energy & Sustainability core courses

  • BNTBionanotechnology
  • PBE6Photosynthesis & Bioenergy
  • DSTDynamics of molecule-surface reactions
  • EBEElectrochemistry and Bioelectrochemistry
  • HETHeterogeneous Catalysis
  • MHCOrganometallic chemistry and homogeneous ca…
  • PCPhotochemistry
  • QRDQuantum Reaction Dynamics
  • SUSSurface Science
  • MQCModern Quantum Chemistry
  • SPSpectroscopy

LST core courses

  • BMIBiomedical Informatics
  • GCAGenome organization and maintenance in canc…
  • GRNBGlobal Regulatory Networks in Bacteria
  • IBIDIn-vivo biomolecular interactions underlyin…
  • BIMS(LST)Biomolecular Structures
  • BNT(LST)Bionanotechnology
  • EDNMR(LST)Enzyme dynamics: NMR spectroscopy and kinetics
  • CGChemical Genetics
  • MC6Molecular Chemistry

Chemistry & LST Core courses
(2013-2014 and earlier programmes)

    LST Delft core courses
    (2013-2014 and earlier programmes)

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      LIC Elective courses

      • BIOCBioinorganic Catalysis
      • BIOMBiomaterials
      • CD3Computational Drug Discovery and Development
      • CDCCross-domain chromatin organisation
      • CHIChemical Immunology
      • CSBCell Signaling and Biophysics
      • DIPDensity Functional Theory in Practice
      • ICBIntegrated Cell Biology
      • LITDLiterature study (in-depth)
      • LITRLiterature study (reviewed subject)
      • MALMetals and Life
      • MOLMolecules of Life
      • MRVMolecular Aspects of RNA Viruses
      • SC9Scientific Computing and Programming
      • SOCSynthetic Organic Chemistry
      • SSNMRSolid State NMR
      • TSMPTheory of Spectroscopy and Molecular Proper…
      • CPSThe Chemistry and Physics of Solids
      • SUS18Surface Science

      Eligible BSc courses

        Delft & other elective courses

        • CUSTOMCustom course
        • RES20Minor research project
        • SJScience Journalism
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