Student prizes MSc Chemistry & LST 2014/2015 awarded

Published on September 3, 2015
Student prizes MSc Chemistry & LST 2014/2015 awarded

During the LIC Master's opening event on September 1st "Best student" prizes were awarded to four exceptional students: first of all Ines Peters and Thomas Hansen, who were awarded "best Chemistry student" and "best Chemistry zij-instromer" prizes by prof. Mathieu Noteborn and prof. Lies Bouwman.

Ines contributed largely to the student's representation in the educational board for two consecutive years, while Thomas received exceptionally high grades.

Next, LST students Thomas Bakkum and Fatema Zahra Rashid were awarded prizes for "best LST student" and "best LST zij-instromer". Fatema impressed with high marks and her exceptionally high level of her essays, while Thomas managed to impress the chemistry staff members present at his colloquium.

Congratulations to all prize winners!

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