Student prizes awarded

Published on September 7, 2017
Student prizes awarded

During the opening of the 2017-2018 MSc Chemistry & LST programme on September 5th, student prizes were awarded to four students for exceptional performances during the 2016-2017 course year.

Dajo Boden, a former MST student, started with the MSc Chemistry in September 2016. In the first year of his MSc studies he studied nominal with a very high average grade. In addition he is an active student member of the Educational committee for Chemistry and LST.

Na Zhu did her BSc studies in China and started with the MSc Chemistry in February 2017. In the past 6 months she passed all her courses with an average score of 8.5!

Amber Barendrecht is a former LST BSc student, who is again doing very well in the MSc programme LST in a pleasant, social way. She is always willing to help her fellow students.

Anja Herdtfelder (photo), is a "zij-instromer" in the LST MSc programme. She is performing very well and finding her way in our MSc program in a pleasant quiet but thorough and effective way.

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