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New timetable for academic year 2022-2023

From the academic year 2022-2023 there will be a new timetable for the lectures of the students who study at the Faculty of Science. The main reason for changing the timetable is the growing number of students at the faculty. By changing the times and using extra lecture hall capacity at the beginning of the academic year, students can attend lectures on campus as much as possible.

EuroScience Open Forum 2022

ESOF routinely brings together over 4,500 leading thinkers, innovators, policy makers, journalists, educations from more than 90 countries to discuss current and future breakthroughs in contemporary science.

Science Funding workshop

Besides education, a main task of a university is research. Perhaps you are considering a PhD position, but do you know where the funding for university research originates? And what are the possibilities for a researcher to fund their research proposal?

Life Science Symposium

On the 19th of May 2022 the 10th Life Science Symposium will take place at Corpus Congress Centre in Leiden, organised by S.V. LIFE.

Science Career Event

Work on your future career during the Leiden Science Career Event - Wednesday 11 May 2022

To PhD or not to PhD

This is a C1 type WORK event.

On May 10th, the MaCo will organize a PhD evening in the Science Club.

MSc dinner

The yearly MSc dinner can finally take place! This event replaces the BBQ that was unfortunately cancelled in September (and in November).  All MSc students are invited, from our new first year cohort to those almost graduating. 

We are Science Week!

We are all back at the faculty! And that is why we are organising the We are Science Week from 19 to 26 April 2022! A week full of fun and entertaining activities to do together with your fellow students.

Thom Berendsen excels and wins Unilever Research Prize

MSc Chemistry student Thom Berendsen has won the Unilever Research Prize, which he received together with 2,500 euros at Unilever’s Foods Innovation Centre on 25 November. He earned the prize for his master’s thesis from his project in the group of Jörg Meyer

Re@LIC 11 October

Are you looking for a home for your research? Come to the Research@LIC information poster market on Monday 11 October from 16.00. Free drinks are included! Researchers from all groups in the LIC will present posters about their research and would love to discuss the research project opportunities in their group with you. It is also the perfect place to find a mentor for new master's students. The location is the Atrium in the Gorlaeus new building, on the ground floor. 

Welcome new MSc students 2021

A word of welcome to any students starting with our programmes per September 2021! We will welcome you with introduction events on campus on Monday 6 September and Tuesday 7 September. We sent emails to your ULCN email account (ending in earlier this summer with important information about the start of your programme. Remember to fill in the form linked in that email!

Become a Science Buddy - Fall semester 2021

Want to help new international students at our faculty? Sign up to be a Leiden Science buddy! As a Science Buddy you get matched with a few international students who you help feel more at home at Leiden University. A Science Buddy is a current student of the Faculty of Science who is easily approachable and can share his or her experience with our new students. For more info and sign-up, click here

Summer 2021

Enjoy your summer holidays! Good luck to all students continuing their studies this summer. If you would like a place to study, check out LIC Writing Club (see the newsletter for info and sign-up form). Tip: if we have another heat wave, the Gorlaeus builing stays nice and cool!

Save the date for the year opening on Tuesday 7 September from 16.15 including BBQ and awards ceremony for most impressive students from the 2020-21 cohort. 

MaCo activities in June

Join the MaCo for some fun activities in June! On Friday 4 June, play soccer and frisbee at the USC (sign up via this link). On Wednesday 9 June, the MaCo takes over the Discord for online drinks and games (sign up via this link). Finally, the MaCo hopes to host a barbecue on Wednesday 16 June. Save the dates!

Virology seminar series

For students with an interest in virology, consider attending the seminar series organised by the KNVM. The first Dutch Young Virologists Seminar will be held on May 19th and continues monthly afterwards. Registration and more information on their website.

Life Skills - Inspiration Workshop (two on-campus meetings; WORK event)

Motivation and Learning by Chemistry alumnus and university skills lecturer Rob van Waarde.
How do you maintain your motivation and deal with problems in Covid-times? This interactive on campus workshop enables you to learn from the circumstances and develop personal leadership.

Wellbeing Wednesdays

After the success of the Wellbeing weeks in January/February, the university will host Wellbeing Wednesdays on the last Wednesday of every month. Join for some distraction from your routine and to meet new people! Talk about healthy habits, guilty pleasures and lots more with other students.

Fill in the NSE 2021!

Would you recommend your study programme to a friend? What do you think of your courses, your teachers, your timetable, the facilities? Raise your voice through the National Student Survey (NSE) by March 14. Via the survey, you can provide your study programme and your university with information on possible improvements to education and facilities. On top of that, Leiden University donates 25 cents to corona research at the LUMC for every student who fills in the NSE!

MaCo: to PhD or not to PhD

Thinking about whether or not doing a PhD would be the right choice for you? On the 3rd of March the MaCo organises a PhD evening (WORK E-type template 1)! Various PhD students and recent graduates will come and talk about why they made the choice to do a PhD, their experiences and their research. The online evening will start at 19:30h. You can sign up here!

Online Research@LIC great success

The online version of the Research@LIC poster market was enjoyed by a large group of students this year. MSc students were able to talk to PhD students and staff members from all groups in the institute. The programme team hopes many new connections for successful research projects were made! 

Jörg Meyer wins Teacher of the Year award

Our MSc teacher Jörg Meyer won the faculty Teacher of the Year award for his work on the MSc course Density Functional Theory in Practice (DIP). "I am very honoured to win this prize," Jörg Meyer says. "Theoretical chemistry is still a bit of a niche. Since it builds heavily on maths, physics and computer science, it can be quite challenging for students and is usually not the most popular subject. My MSc course Density Functional Theory in Practice, which I developed from scratch, changed from an elective into a core course in the Chemistry programme. I’m delighted to contribute to making this niche a bit more accessible and hopefully also more popular." 

Welcome MSc students February 2021

We welcomed ten new students to our programmes starting February 2021. Due to the lockdown, we had to host the introduction programme on Monday 8 February online. We wish all new students an inspirational time in their master's!

Thursday 18 February: Re@LiC!

Are you looking for a home for your research? Come to the online Research@LIC information poster market on Thursday 18 February from 16.00. Register via this form to receive the link to the online platform. 

Best student prizes 2019-20 awarded

At the online LIC New-Year's event on January 6 2021, programme director Lies Bouwman annouced the winners of the Best Student prizes of the cohort 2019-20! Every year, the education team gives out awards to students who showed excellent performance in their first year of the MSc programmes Chemistry and LST. The winners this year were Thijmen Mostert, Femke van der Heijden, Laurens ter Haar and Roy Steneker. Congratulations!

Leiden students win grand prize at iGEM international biology competition

The Leiden iGEM team has won the grand prize at the iGEM international biology competition. The students won a further five prizes, including those for best diagnostics tracks and best inclusion. ‘We still can’t believe it. It feels almost surreal,’ team member Amber Schonk said yesterday to University weekly Mare.

Face masks mandatory in University buildings

As of 15 October, it is compulsory for everyone in our buildings to wear a face mask. The basic rule is as follows: if you are standing or walking, you must wear a face mask, if you are sitting down, you may remove it. You are responsible for bringing your own face mask and must wear it when you enter, leave, and move around our buildings, for example when you are fetching a cup of coffee or going to the toilet. An exception to the face mask requirement is made for the (bio)chemical research laboratories and the (bio)chemical practical rooms within our Faculty. Here, the Faculty advises not to wear face masks. 

Coming to the University? Do the corona check first!

If you have on-campus teaching or lab time planned, do the corona check before you come in to the University. Answer the five questions on the checklist and decide whether you can come. Stay at home if the check tells you to and inform your teacher or supervisor. If you are allowed to come to the University, always keep 1.5 metres away from others and avoid busy places.

Exams period 4: both on campus and online

Some exams and retakes at the end of period 4 will be held on campus. The originally scheduled day of the exam or retake is maintained, but exams and retakes start at 11.15 and will take place at a different location than originally scheduled. Always refer to the Blackboard page of the course for the most up-to-date information and contact the lecturer if in doubt. Please note the attached guidelines for safe and healthy presence on campus.

WORK Alumni lectures on Thursday 19 Nov.

Two alumni of Chemistry and LST will join us in the Kaltura Live Room used for Thesis Talks and colloquia on Thursday 19 November, 16.00 - max. 18.00 to talk about their career and the choices they made along the way. 

Look behind the scenes at the VSNU with recent podcast

If you are interested in the way the VSNU and universities experienced the lockdown and how they are preparing for restarting,  we recommend the recent podcast from 'Betrouwbare bronnen' called 'De universiteiten willen weer voluit aan de slag' [in Dutch].

Leiden Remote Teaching Prize

The yearly Leiden Teaching Prize of the Leiden University Studentenplatform (LUS) has been transformed into the Leiden Remote Teaching Prize for 2020. The teachers who were best at formulating and implementing remote education in this unusual year deserve a spotlight! Nominate your favorite teacher via (deadline: May 24th).

Forward your uMail!

The ISSC performed a migration of uMail this weekend. Now, all students have to configure forwarding their uMail again, or emails sent may go unnoticed! These emails include the weekly newsletter and notifications from courses via Blackboard. Go to and set up a new inbox rule via the gear icon in the top right corner.

WORK: workshop Job Interview by Science Career Service

This Thursday 7 May, the Science Career Service offers an online workshop 'Job Interview' (15.30-17.30). The focus in this workshop is on practicing an actual job interview. This workshop can count as a C2-type WORK event. Limited spaces are available, so register quickly via this link.

Students against Corona initiative

The Corona-crisis hits our society in its heart. Many processes have come to a standstill and organizations in different sectors work overtime to find solutions to problems. Many students feel a strong urge to help in a substantive manner in these times of crisis, but don’t know how and where. The platform ‘Studenten tegen Corona’ links students to Corona-related substantive problems that are brought forward by the government, companies and other organisations.

Keep in touch!

The programme and study associations are exploring different ways to keep in touch with all students in this new time of online education. On Thursday 30 April at 16 h, we will organise an online music quiz with CDL and sv LIFE in the CDL-LIFE Live Room (see the link in the newsletter)

Students: do not come to the University

Until further notice, students are not allowed in University buildings, including for research projects. Education will continue online for the rest of the semester. For more information, see the emails sent to all current MSc students on March 13 and 20, as well as the MSc Blackboard page.


Leiden University closely follows the information about the Coronavirus from the Dutch government and World Health Organisation. Stay informed about the consequences for your studying on the University's student website via Note that the infection prevention guidelines for LUMC buildings are stricter than for Leiden University buildings. This is to ensure safe patient care.

Roy Steneker wins poster prize at PAC symposium

Congratulations to MSc Chemistry student Roy Steneker for winning a poster prize at the PAC symposium on March 5th! He was awarded the second place prize of €250 for his poster describing his bachelor thesis work on novel in-situ screening methods for iminoboronate chemical probes. 

Lies Bouwman rewarded as honorary member CDL

Prof. Lies Bouwman has been rewarded as an honorary member of the Chemisch Dispuut Leiden because of her dedication over the years as a teacher and as a programme director Chemistry and Life Science & Technology.

Mentor Network Live!

If the end of your studies is getting near, have you found yourself wondering what the next step in your career will be? Maybe becoming a PhD student sounds good, but working outside the academic environment also appeals to you. Do you recognise this dilemma? Then attend Mentor network live on 10 March! A great opportunity to ask questions to alumni about their career choice and how their career has developed since.


Curious what the Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC) has to offer you for doing your master research project? On 19 February afternoon, S.A. LIFE and the LIC organise labtours@LIC! Please register via

International dinner

To welcome the new master students who start in February, the MaCo organises a free international dinner on the 12th of February. Get to know your fellow students and join us for our dinner. We start at 17h with an interactive activity and after that you can share your food with your fellow students. Bring your own favorite food to share this with the rest and get free drinks.

Register via 

Master Honours classes

Interested in challenging yourself with extracurricular Master Honours classes? The next topics (March-June) are “Planet in Peril: Exploring Human Relations with Nature” and “Innovating Health and Well-being through Entrepreneurship”. See the Honours College website for more information. Registration opens February 3rd.

Dana Rademaker excels and wins Unilever Research Prize

MSc Chemistry student Dana Rademaker has won the Unilever Research Prize, which she received together with 2,500 euros at the Unilever’s Foods Innovation Centre on 12 December. She earned the prize for her master’s thesis from her project in the group of Dennis Hetterscheid

CDL student trip to Geneva and Milan (6-11 July)

A CDL student trip to Geneva and Milan is planned between 6-11 July to orient towards (chemical) career possibilities and discover cultural variations in the working places. In Geneva CDL will, among other things, visit CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. You can sign up or ask any question by sending an e-mail to After this, CDL will send you a form which you have to fill in to finish your registration. 

WORK: PhD session by MaCo

Want to know what it is really like to be a PhD student? Join the MaCo WORK event on January 7th at Cafe De Vergulde Kruik! Different PhD students from the LIC will share their experiences and give you reasons to start a PhD track (or not!). Sign-up list will follow.

Well-attended Re@LiC this year

The Research@LIC poster market was enjoyed by a large group of students this year. MSc students were able to talk to PhD students and staff members from all groups in the institute. The programme team hopes many new connections for successful research projects were made! 

MaCo pre-holiday social event

Join the next MaCo social event with a wintery theme! On Wednesday December 11th, the MaCo will host an afternoon full of seasonal treats and activities in the Science Club. Sinterklaas or Santa will make sure you won't go home empty handed. Sign up now via this link!

Tuesday 19 November: Re@LiC!

Are you looking for a home for your research? Come to the Research@LIC information poster market on Tuesday 19 November from 16.00. Free drinks are included! 

Master's post-exam drinks, 11 November

Join the MaCo on Monday November 11th to celebrate the start of the second period (or drink away your worries about your exams). First drink is free for all our master's students! 

WORK: workshop 'Killer First Impression' 22 November

Want to make a killer first impression at a job interview? Learn how to make people remember you in the workshop by Young Capital Next (organised by CDL). The workshop is on 22 November during the break (13:00 - 14:15 h) in EM.1.09. Some snacks will be provided!

WORK: Career College 31 October 2019

Science Career Service presents Career College “Working in Research” on 31 October at DM.1.19 in the Gorlaeus Building. Are you considering a job in research but not sure which direction to take? Then this Career College could help you gain insight into the career opportunities related to research.

Successful first MaCo event

The first MaCo event of 2019-20 was a great success! Forty MSc students descended on local beer brewery Pronck and enjoyed an informative tour and some tasty beers. Join the MaCo facebook group to stay up to date on further events! 

WORK: excursion Avery Dennison by CDL

Friday November 1st, CDL will go on an excursion to Avery Dennison. Avery Dennison is a global materials science and manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labeling and functional materials.

WORK: excursion BaseClear by SV LIFE

Do you want to know more about career opportunities or get to know about the field? Join the Excursion to know more about BaseClear on 21 October at 13:30 in Leiden. As genomics experts and through sustainable partnerships BaseClear offers consultancy and technological expertise to accelerate the understanding and use of microorganisms.

Best Student prizes 2018-19 awarded

At the LIC master's BBQ, programme director Lies Bouwman annouced the winners of the Best Student prizes! Every year, the education team gives out awards to students who showed excellent performance in their first year of the MSc programmes Chemistry and LST. The winners this year were Maaike Bril, Thom Berendsen, Carli Koster and Samiksha Sardana. Congratulations!

Study Abroad Festival 2019

Are you feeling adventurous? Do you want to have an experience that will change the rest of your life and your future career? If so, come to the Study Abroad festival on the 11th of October and start your international adventure!

Become a SCIENCE Buddy - Fall semester 2019

Are you ready to become a Science Buddy for the autumn semester 2019/2020? Help a new international student to find their way at our faculty! 

How to forward your uMail

Your ULCN email address (ending with is the main address used by the programme and the university. Either check this email inbox regularly or forward it to your preferred account!

Favourable visitation for MSc Chemistry and LST

The master’s programmes Chemistry and LST are both structured on an individual basis and well-embedded in the research at the faculty. Those are the main conclusions of the oral report at the end of the visit of the visitation panel on October 10th.