Science Methodology Course - 2013

Published on December 14, 2012

Science Methodology – Understanding the Principles of Scientific Research
A course for students in natural sciences

During the BSc and MSc education students learn lots of scientific facts, but do they know how science works? In this course the basic principles of the methodology used in the natural sciences are taught. The aim is to let the student contemplate concepts like ‘truth’, ‘experiments’, ‘models’, ‘confirmation/falsification’ and make the student aware of the
limitations of the ability to make objective observations. Also current practices, like the mechanisms of research funding, ‘publish or perish’ dogma and the importance of impact as
well as integrity and ethics in science will be discussed.
The course is meant for MSc and PhD students in any of the natural sciences who are performing scientific research projects. It will consist of lectures and discussions.
Examination consists of two essays, enrollment via Blackboard.Full course and enrollment details can be found here and in the attached flyer

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