PAC Symposium 2017 March 2 in Utrecht

Published on January 26, 2017

The PAC-symposium is an annual chemistry symposium for students organized by students. The symposium is organized by Stichting PAC, formed every year with students from 4 different study associations: ACD, CDL, U.S.S. Proton and VCSVU. In 2017, PAC-symposium will take place in Utrecht on March 2nd.

Poster competition

On March 2nd we organize the Jong KNCV Poster competition during the PAC-symposium in Utrecht. Master students can enter this competition with a poster about their graduate research or internship, and win prizes up to €500,-. We would like to ask you to encourage talented master students in your group to enter this competition. I added a digital flyer to this e-mail with some basic information. More information and the registration form can be found on the website:

Poster workshop

The second event relates to the poster competition. On February 15th the KNCV Academy organizes the workshop ‘Preparing Effective Research Posters’, and we kindly ask you to pass the following message along to people in your group that might be interested in improving their posters:

On nearly every conference you see a room full of poster boards, that are filled with more-or-less similar posters. Many (PhD-)students spend hours on these posters, trying to make them as clear and as beautiful as possible. This does not always turn out the way you want. The KNCV Academy is here to help. On Tuesday February 15th we organize the workshop ‘Preparing Effective Research Posters’, which gives you all the right tools to make a great poster.

To make a good poster, you first have to think about the story that you want the audience to take home. This workshop takes you through all the stages of creating a great poster, from coming up with a focused story to the use of fonts and graphics. There is lots of room for interaction and the course leaders will use your own posters as examples.

The workshop will be held at ‘Het Coachhuis’ in Utrecht, from 18:00h till 21:30h. The entire workshop will be in English and some sandwiches will be provided. For (PhD-)students who are member of the KNCV, this workshop is only 5 euro. (PhD-)students who are not a member pay 15 euro. More information on the costs can be found here.

So do you want to get better at making research posters? Sign up now!

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