New Elective course in 2013 - Cyttron II Lectures

Published on July 11, 2013

In the fall of 2013 the Cyttron II consortium ( provides a lecture series on current research in bioimaging and personalized diagnostics tools. During the course, researchers from different partners will be present their latest projects within the consortium, showing students the variety of academic as well as industrial research happening right now in the field of bioimaging and diagnostics.

Topics include electron microscopy, high-resolution light microscopy, mass spectroscopy, MRI, protein structure elucidation, chemical markers and bioimaging software, all in the context of developing diagnostics tools for personalized medical treatment.

The course is meant for MSc and PhD students from all disciplines of the life sciences. (Bio) medical students are also encouraged to participate.

Examination consists of a written exam and a poster presentation. Also, before each class, a short summary of relevant papers needs to be handed in.

Click here for the full course description and enrollment details.

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