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Chemical Biology core courses

  • EDNMREnzyme dynamics: NMR spectroscopy and kinetics
  • AMCAdvanced Medicinal Chemistry
  • CBChemical Biology
  • CEBCell Biology
  • MB2Molecular Biology
  • MOCModern Organic Chemistry
  • ROCReactivity in Organic Chemistry
  • SUPSupramolecular Chemistry

Energy & Sustainability core courses

  • BNTBionanotechnology
  • PBE6Photosynthesis & Bioenergy
  • DSTDynamics of molecule-surface reactions
  • EBEElectrochemistry and Bioelectrochemistry
  • HETHeterogeneous Catalysis
  • MHCOrganometallic chemistry and homogeneous ca…
  • PCPhotochemistry
  • QRDQuantum Reaction Dynamics
  • SUSSurface Science
  • MQCModern Quantum Chemistry
  • SPSpectroscopy

LST core courses

  • BMIBiomedical Informatics
  • GCAGenome organization and maintenance in canc…
  • GRNBGlobal Regulatory Networks in Bacteria
  • IBIDIn-vivo biomolecular interactions underlyin…
  • BIMS(LST)Biomolecular Structures
  • BNT(LST)Bionanotechnology
  • EDNMR(LST)Enzyme dynamics: NMR spectroscopy and kinetics
  • CGChemical Genetics
  • MC6Molecular Chemistry

Chemistry & LST Core courses
(2013-2014 and earlier programmes)

    LST Delft core courses
    (2013-2014 and earlier programmes)

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      LIC Elective courses

      • BIOCBioinorganic Catalysis
      • BIOMBiomaterials
      • CD3Computational Drug Discovery and Development
      • CDCCross-domain chromatin organisation
      • CHIChemical Immunology
      • CSBCell Signaling and Biophysics
      • DIPDensity Functional Theory in Practice
      • ICBIntegrated Cell Biology
      • LITDLiterature study (in-depth)
      • LITRLiterature study (reviewed subject)
      • MALMetals and Life
      • MOLMolecules of Life
      • MRVMolecular Aspects of RNA Viruses
      • SC9Scientific Computing and Programming
      • SOCSynthetic Organic Chemistry
      • SSNMRSolid State NMR
      • TSMPTheory of Spectroscopy and Molecular Proper…
      • CPSThe Chemistry and Physics of Solids
      • SUS18Surface Science

      Eligible BSc courses

        Delft & other elective courses

        • CUSTOMCustom course
        • RES20Minor research project
        • SJScience Journalism
        Published on May 28, 2014

        Dear students,

        the current version of the masterplanner can not yet handle the NEW study program as it is just finalized. The new studyguides 2014-2015 for the MSc Chemistry and the MSc Life Science and Technology are available: Chemistry , Life Science and Technology. As the schedule of bachelor programs and therefore of the master programmes is not final yet, they have not yet been included in the studyguides. The tentative schedule is updated today (June 2 2014) based on discussions in the Educational Board on May 26.

        Maxim Kuil

        Study guide MSc Chemistry 2014-2015

        The study guide MSc Chemistry describing the NEW program can be found below.

        Study guide MSc Life Science and Technology 2014-2015

        The study guide MSc Life Science and Technology describing the NEW program can be found below.

        Study guide Chemistry 2014-2015 (21 Jul 2014)449.05 KB
        Study guide LST 2014-2015 (21 Jul 2014)467.41 KB

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