Leiden participates in the NMARRS Graduate School

Published on October 30, 2013
Leiden participates in the NMARRS Graduate School

The Netherlands’ magnetic resonance graduate school (NMARRS) is a joint educational and research initiative of five major centres for magnetic resonance research (RU, UU, UL, TUE, WU) forming one unified consortium. The school will be crafted around the ultra-high field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility for the Netherlands (uNMR-NL) which was recently granted to the consortium in the 2011 NWO Roadmap Call for Large-Scale Research Facilities; An open-access facility that will implement new instruments operating at ultra high field strength offering unprecedented resolution and sensitivity for imaging and spectroscopy capable of forging scientific breakthroughs in relevant research areas related to health, food and energy. TI-COAST is the partner in the uNMR-NL consortium that is particularly concerned with the link with private users. In the NMARRS initiative it will bear the link with the talent programs in Analytical Science in general.

The proposed school will reinforce the status of Dutch universities as leading research and educational institutions on an international scale. Teaching NMR spectroscopy will be integrated so that the key concepts will be introduced by the leading experts in each focus area. Nowadays, NMR spectroscopy and imaging is contributing to an expanding range of other disciplines, like structural biology, biophysics, food and soil sciences, medicine, biomedical engineering and biotechnology. By joining our efforts in the research school master students will get a wider range of choice of complementary courses in these disciplines at the contributing institutions. Finally we will further develop our existing courses at the PhD level such as the yearly Bijvoet-Nijmegen Research Alliance NMR course and the in-vivo NMR (MRI focused) course organized by MRI groups from Wageningen, Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Utrecht.


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