Integrated Cell Biology: sessions 2017

Published on January 16, 2017
Integrated Cell Biology: sessions 2017

In 2017 two sessions of ICB are specifically reserved for LIC PhD students & Postdocs.
The course “Integrated Cell Biology” will be held on the following days:

ICB-1: 30 Jan - 3 Feb (for PhD students and Postdocs of LIC)
ICB-2: 6 Feb - 10 Feb (for Master students of Chemistry and LST)
ICB-3: 10-13 Apr + 18 Apr (for PhD students and Postdocs of LIC)
ICB-4: 3 Apr - 7 Apr (for Master students of Chemistry and LST)

The course is limited to 12 participants per session and will take place in the new cell culture facility (GW 2.02) in the Science Campus Building. It combines both theoretical lectures and state-of-the-art practicals and will provide an efficient and integrated view on today’s possibilities to study, develop and exploit in vitro human cell cultures for biomedical research purposes.

More information about the program can be found on the ICB blackboard site (you need to login first in Blackboard with your ULCN account), or the LIC Master's website. Although ICB is meant in a first instance for students of the LST and Chemistry Master educational programs, it will also be open for PhDs and Post-docs from the LIC who would like to refine their cell culture expertise.

Note: PhDs and Postdocs please enroll, if possible, in ICB-1 or ICB-3. Master students will have priority for ICB-2 and ICB-4.

After enrolling via the ICB blackboard site please contact Dr. Claude Backendorf ( and indicate the session that you would like to attend. PhDs and Postdocs please include also a statement of your daily supervisor, approving that you follow the course.

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