CDL & LIFE Career Night

Published on April 3, 2016

On Wednesday April 20th the annual CDL & LIFE career night will take place! The Science Club in Leiden will be opened at 5:30 PM, around this time the company presentations will begin as well so be there in time.

The attending companies will include Genmab and Albemarle, we will keep in touch when more companies will join us during this evening.Genmab is an international oriented biotechnology company that focusses on the production and development of differentiated antibody therapies against cancer. Two representatives of Genmab will be present to answer your questions about internships and other career opportunities.

Albemarle is a chemically oriented company that produces advanced chemicals for a wide variety of clients in consumer electronics, materials, pharmaceutical industry and construction. Albemarle is also on the lookout for students that want to participate in the company innovation and sustainability.

The evening will end at approximately 8:30 PM, with drinks and snacks after the company presentations. At these drinks, you can have a chat with the company representatives and your fellow students. You can attend the evening for free and every LIFE of CDL member is invited, registration is mandatory by filing out this form. The application deadline is April 15th. Furthermore, there is the option to order a salad meal for €3,- to €4,-, you can fill this in the form. See you on April 20th!

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