Research training projects

Research training project agreement form

For every research training project the agreement must be created and submitted by the mentor, and (digitally) approved by the student. For an external research research project you need prior approval of the exam committee (except for MSc LST students that will perform a research project at the ErasmusMC, IBL, LACDR, LUMC or NKI). At least four weeks are needed to obtain permission.

External research project/minor research project guidelines

The optional minor research project is a research project in another field of research significantly different from the major research project. This minor research project can be carried out within the LIC, another Dutch university, in industry or abroad.

Studying abroad

Students who are enrolled in one of the Leiden University MSc-programmes are offered the opportunity to spend some time abroad. It is the policy of the University to stimulate this, since it broadens students’ horizon and improves their academic and language skills. Especially, students who are enrolled in a 2-year research master programme are advised to spend some time abroad.

Thesis Talks

The thesis talk is part of the major research training project of all master students in Chemistry and Life Science & Technology and constitutes a training in presenting original research work to a group of non-peers.
The intended audience comprises your fellow master students and a jury of two staff members that will discuss the grade of the research project with the mentor, who has the final responsibility for grading the project.

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