External research project/minor research project guidelines

The optional minor research project is a research project in another field of research significantly different from the major research project. This minor research project can be carried out within the LIC, another Dutch university, in industry or abroad.

A research training project agreement is mandatory, which must be signed by student, supervisor and mentor. A copy is to be deposited with the study coordinator. The duration of a minor project is at least four months (20 ec) based on full-time attendance. A minor research project comprises a written report and an oral presentation.

The minor research project may or may not be related to that of the major research project. As an example the student may synthesize a component in one research group and investigate its properties in another research group or industrial laboratory.

Minor research projects within the LIC are graded by the supervisor and the group leader of the project. The mentor is the final responsible for coaching and grading of external research projects. All external research projects must be discussed in advance with the mentor and need to be approved by the Board of Examiners.

How to obtain approval for an external research project

For an external research project you need prior approval of the Board of Examiners (except for MSc LST students that will perform a research project at the ErasmusMC, IBL, LACDR, LUMC or NKI). At least four weeks are needed to obtain permission.

How to submit a request for permission

The requests for permission for an external research project should be supported by your mentor and a guideline is attached below. You can submit your request by e-mail to the Board of Examiners  (excie_msc_chem_lst@lic.leidenuniv.nl).

Permission request EC (2015).pptx53.38 KB
FORM_Application_External_Internship_STUDENT.docx42.88 KB

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